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    The Proven Method For Removing Stretchmarks. Organic - All Natural Ingredients The Perfect Way To Ease The Appearance Of Unsightly Stretch Marks!Over the years we have heard from our customers that while they love the results they get from our Stretch Mark Cream, they do not care for the greasy texture or the fact that the cream hardened or turned to liquid depending on the temperature in the room. We listened to you and decided to do something to improve the product. For the last year and a half we have been working with a leading laboratory to put the cream into a patented new base, which will absorb quickly into the skin and deliver the key ingredients even better than before. We think you will like the results you get from our improved Stretch Mark Cream. Our improved cream is an all natural product, safe for nursing mothers, and still contains the three original key ingredients: cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, which contains vitamin E, and lanolin. We have also added some of the best skin softeners in the cosmetic industry.------------------------------------------------------------ Frequently Asked QuestionsHow does Barmon Stretch Mark Cream work? Stretch marks are tears in the collagen beneath the top layer of skin. Our cream is formulated to deliver vitamin E down into the torn tissue reducing the appearance of the marks. Vitamin E or cocoa butter alone will not work due to the size of their molecule; they are just too big to penetrate the skin. We use lanolin, which has a very small molecule, to deliver the ingredients past the top layer of skin into the torn tissue.Does the cream really work?When Barmon Inc. first started selling our stretch mark cream 19 years ago, the United States Postal Service investigated the company for postal fraud, due to the nature of our claim and the belief that nothing could get rid of stretch marks. After a very brief hearing, it was determined that Barmon's Skin Care Stretch Mark Cream does really work --- and we were allowed to continue selling our product. Nineteen years later, we are still going strong. We couldn't have lasted this long unless we were doing something right. Hundreds of unsolicited letters prove that our cream really works!Why haven't I heard about Barmon before?Over the years, we found that the best form of advertising for this product was through mailings to new mothers and through word of mouth. So, unless you've had a baby and been on one of our mailing lists, you may not have heard of us. We have, however, advertised on TV and in popular magazines such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. We are hoping that the internet will provide an easier way to reach more of you and answer your questions efficiently.How long does it take for the cream to work?The process for each individual's skin is different, so there is no way to provide a specific time frame regarding the length of time that it will take for you to see results. However, we have generally found that people begin to see results after about 3 weeks of use. The level of results differs from person to person, depending on the severity of your stretch marks and your personal health habits. For instance, the effectiveness of our cream can be influenced if you smoke, drink alcohol or sunbathe. These factors are very harmful to your skin and can slow down the process.Once my stretch marks are gone, will they come back?People always wonder if they need to use the cream forever once the stretch marks are gone. The stretch mark cream helps the skin to reduce the appearance, so once the appearance of the stretch marks have been reduced, they are reduced forever. However, if you have another child, new stretch marks may form.Is Barmon's Skin Care Stretch Mark Cream safe for nursing mothers?Absolutely! We designed the cream so that mothers can use the cream on their breasts while nursing. Barmon's Skin Care Stretch Mark Cream is an all natural product and will not harm your child.Will the cream help to prevent stretch marks if I use it before I have my baby?Yes. If you use Barmon's Skin Care Stretch Mark Cream before and during your pregnancy, you will greatly reduce the chance of getting stretch marks.Does it matter how old the stretch marks are?No. When Barbara Feiring founded our recipe and our company more than 19 years ago, she had given birth to her first child 15 years earlier. Based on her own personal success, she decided to market and sell her stretch mark cream to others; new mothers, athletes -- anyone who has stretch marks and wants to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks.Can the stretch mark cream be used by men?Absolutely! Over the years we have had many male customers, especially body builders and weight lifters. Men experience the same results as women.Does it work on African American or Hispanic skin?Yes, it works for all skin types. Over the years, we've been asked this question many times. Our response has always been that skin is skin and stretch marks don't seem to differ from one skin type to another.Is your stretch mark cream is suitable for use by vegetarians. i.e. are the ingredients derived from animal sources?The only ingredient derived from an animal source is the lanolin which comes from sheeps wool. When they sheer the sheep they squeeze the wool to get the lanolin oil from it. Other than that all of the ingredients are from plant sources.Do you have any other products?Yes, we have a superior line of cosmetics and cleansers, and we are developing a new line of cosmetics.Ingredients Purified Water, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Cocoa Butter, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Lanolin, Lanolin, Silk Amino Acids, Dimethicone, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Cetyl Phosphate, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylparaben, Di-Sodium EDTA, FragranceDirections: Apply cream to areas showing stretch marks, wrinkles or dry skin. Massage into skin using a circular motion until absorbed. Best if used twice daily, especially after bathing.For external use only.------------------------------------------------------------ Customer Reviews Success Stories This is the best cream I have ever used for stretch marks. I have three kids and have never been more satisfied in all my life. I have tried anything from stinky lotions to plain old vitamin E, all of which were in vain.Thank you so much for your product!!Very Satisfied, Elissa S. West VirginiaDear Barmon,I am writing this letter in regard to your wonderful stretch mark cream. I bought 1 jar in April, shortly after having my second child. I was very embarrassed about my stretch marks and I was determined to find something to get rid of them. I did some research on the internet and your cream was the only one that offered such a confident guarantee. I decided that it wasn't that much money and with your guarantee it was definitely worth a try. A few weeks later I am glad I decided to try your cream, the results are remarkable. I am very impressed with your product and I have recommended it to several people, thank you Barmon! I have included some before and after photos.Sincerely, Stacy N. ColoradoDear Sir or MadamI have used Barmon's Stretch Mark Cream for three months and have just finished my third jar. I typically use it once a day and I am very pleased with the results.After having my second child I could not believe the stretch marks on my lower stomach! This cream has proven to really fade them quickly. I plan to order another jar or two.Please find enclosed "before and after" photos showing how well the cream worked.Sincerely, Brenda M. KansasTo whom this may concern -I ordered your product Barmon's stretch mark cream not knowing what to expect, well to my surprise this product totally worked for me and I see it working more and more I use it. I've ordered either 5 or 6 jars of this product and I will continue to use it till I acheive my results that I'm wanting. I'm totally happy and very impressed w/ the results I've reached so far. I've enclosed some before I used the cream and after I started to see them fading pictures...Thank you for making such a wonderful product, I will continue to use it.Tabitha M. NevadaDear BarmonI am 24 years old and had my daughter Payton 2 years ago. I haven't worn a bathing suit for 3 years because the stretch marks are on my thighs! (I did gain 40 lbs during my pregnancy!) I have used your cream for about 3 weeks and have noticed a HUGE change in them. I've noticed that some on my breasts have disappeared, the ones on my stomach have shrunk and lightened, and the ones on my legs have lightened. I never thought I would get in a bathing suit again and now I AM a believer that this product will help me reach my goal. If anyone has doubts---just do it--you'll get your money back! Not to mention it's not very expensive in the first place! Thanks SOOOO much for this product!!M. KansasAs seen on the Baby-names-world discussion forum:Guest: Barmon skin cream also works. That's what I used on stretch marks I already had and they literally disappeared. www.barmon.comtaylortoads: I have also used this cream and within a couple weeks my stretch marks had faded so dramatically that I could hardly tell they were there.It's definately worth trying. Only $14 a bottle.As seen on the Black Hair Care discussion forum:Kashmiri, Have you or someone you know tried the barmon cream, it almost sounds too good to be true, but I think I may have some of those "badges of honor" after my baby comes next month. - ReeseHi Reese, I've been using barmon cream for a few months now and it does fade the stretch marks. After having my son 8 months ago, I had very dark stretch marks on both sides of my stomach. The cream really works. My marks aren't completely gone yet but I'm going to keep using the cream faithfully. I use it morning and night. I also use shea butter. I apply them after a shower. You should try it. - JamieReese: Yes, the cream does work. I have been nothing but pleased with the results, after I had my baby boy I had stretch marks on the bottom part of my belly and the strange part about that was they weren't there the whole time I was carrying. I used it while the stretch marks were healing you know how their like red, sore, and itchy. There almost completely gone, maybe I'll get to wear my bikini this summer! - KashmiriAs seen on the ParentTime bulletin board:After my daughter was born, I saw an ad for a cream called barmon cream. It claimed to erase stretch marks, money back guarantee. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it. It worked! Now pregnant with my second, I'm using it to keep my stretch marks away. You can order it at It's the best and totally worth it.- KimAs seen on the Yahoo! clubs:Shakera, How's the Barmon Skin Care Cream working for you? Gimme the scoop before I buy. TIA, LootyeHi Lootye!!! The Barmon's worked really well for me. My scars were very deep and I have had them since I was about 12. They are not completely gone, but they are not as prominent as before. I used two jars basically over my whole body. I think someone with less severe scars may get even better results. Peace, ShakeraDear Barbara,Please send me one 4 oz. jar of Barmon skin care cream for stretch marks. I have been using it now for almost one month and I am delighted with the results. After having my daughter I exercised to get in shape. Over the years I became pretty satisfied with my body, figure wise, but I had these stretch marks that I was always told nothing would help. Well, I never gave up hope. I tried everything from 99% Cocoa Butter and sun to GeeGee lotion, Hide Mark and Fade Out. You name it, I've tried it. For 10 years I've tried all these things that did nothing but discourage me more and more. So I finally learned to live with it.Well, when I read the article about Barmon, there was some disbelief but more hope, and I ordered some. Do you know that in 1 short week, just 1 short week, I saw results!! No, my stretch marks aren't completely gone yet, but they have faded a lot, and I am now confident I will finally be rid of these unsightly marks.Sincerely, Theresa M. Los Angeles, CATo whom it may concern,I ordered my first jar of Barmon skin care cream desperately hoping something would help my stretch marks. ....I thought nothing would help 'cause I had read that nothing could get rid of them. Well, I've been using the cream for a week and a half and they are fading away!! I can't believe it! So, I am ordering more so a day won't go by without me using it. It is a miracle. I know within a month they will be practically gone. A million thanks. Don't ever stop making it!!Sincerely, Lisa S. Hampden, CTDear Barmon People,When I first saw your ad (can't remember where) I was more than skeptical that it could help stretch marks disappear, but after a 10 month pregnancy I was more desperate than skeptical, so I ordered one jar of your skin care cream.I am amazed at the results! The stretch marks are fading and the overall condition of my skin has never been better - honestly! I use it all over and my skin is so much smoother and softer than I can ever remember. The long Alaskan winters can really dry out one's skin - your product keeps mine in great condition.This is, by the way, the first time I've ever been sufficiently impressed with any product to write the manufacturers to tell them about my good experience with their product. Don't stop making Barmon cream - I am sure many "True Believers and Customers for Life" would be very disappointed.Thanks, R. L. S. Anchorage, ALDear Barbara,How are you? I hope fine, and I hope you don't mind that I called you Barbara, but I feel like you are such a great friend for introducing Barmon cream to me. I have only used one jar and I am amazed at how it worked. I started to notice a difference after just the third application.My stretch marks are just about completely gone, but I have ordered two more jars for my face and hair. I just love it and plan to keep on using it. It's a miracle cream.Thanks so much! Crystal G. Suwanee, GADear Barbara,I am very happy to say that your Barmon skin care cream really does work. I have only used it for three weeks, but I can already notice the difference on my stretch marks. Please send me another 4 ounce jar RUSH!!Sherry J. Leola, ARGentlemen,This is my second order for the Barmon skin care cream. I recently had my first child and I acquired a zillion undesirable stretch marks. Thanks to your product, they are surely vanishing!Enclosed is my order and check. Please send as soon as possible.Sincerely, Etoyce H. Chandler, TXDear Barbara,This is another letter from one of your many admirers about your Barmon cream. I am really glad I saw your ad and ordered a container.I had a baby boy a year ago and was left with many stretch marks on my stomach and on various other areas. Just that one jar has faded these marks tremendously.Thank you, Sheila M.Dear Barmon,I just had to write to say "Thanks". I bought your skin care product to fade stretch marks but I used it on my 2 month old baby girl instead. She had very dry skin and was covered in scales and broken skin. The doctor prescribed medicine and ointments but they did no good and I was spending a small fortune. Since your product is all natural, I thought it was worth a try. I put it on my baby and in 3 days she had baby soft skin again. I use it on her daily now and she is soft and beautiful. I think your product is fantastic! Now I would like to order another jar so I can start using it, too. Terri and I thank you very much.Your friend, Jill R. Knoxville, IADear Barbara,I am ordering my second jar of Barmon stretch mark cream. I've only been using the cream for about a week and I already see the difference. I know you must have a lot of orders, but anything you can do to rush this order would be appreciated. The cream is doing wonders and I don't want to slow up the progress. Thanks so much!Mrs. Beverly A.Dear Barmon,I used your product throughout my pregnancy and I am happy with the results! No stretch marks. Please send another order form.Yolanda C.Barbara,Would you please send me a 4 ounce jar of Barmon cream. The last jar did wonders on my stretch marks. Please hurry!!Thank you, Mrs. Pat H. N. Muskegon, MIDear Barmon,Please send me two jars of Barmon skin care cream - I LOVE IT - it really works on my stretch marks!!Thank you, Jeri S. Laguna Hills, CAi am 29 weeks pregnant and i didnt start seeing stretch marks until i was about 20 weeks. i found this great cream on the internet called barmon. i was a little scared to order it at first because it is a little expensive, almost 25.00 for a 4oz tube, but it has been a lifesavor. the stretch marks that started to appear have almost vanished. you can order this cream at good luck.: can someone please tell me what works for each of these terrible results of childbirth??I've tried almost12 years with no luckYES!!!! Barmon, it is a stretch mark cream. I had my daughter 2 yrs ago. Everyone suggested cocoa butter during pregnancy. NO!!! Cocoa butter now days is cut with other ingredients. After she was a month old I started applying Barmon to the awful dark stretch marks. 2yrs later after a year of non-usage , the marks are light, they match my skin now. I have just resumed usage for about 3wks, and they are shrinking!!! You can check it out at:'m sure you will be pleased if you try it. Pure shea butter and PURE cocoa butter are extra help outs too....I have used the cream after every pregnancy. (I have been using it since it was more of an oil base, a little more greasy than now.) I love it and have recommended it to my friends. One of my friends just decided to give it a go since there was a money-back guarantee. I know she will love it too. Thanks for such a great product and wonderful customer service!Thanks so much! Amy S.To whom it may concern:Your product is great!!!! I've been using this product for a week and already I've seen my stretch marks are fading away. I will continue using this product until my marks are completely faded.Thank you so much Cadene------------------------------------------------------------ Related Tags: Stretch Mark, Cream, Barmon, Skin Care, Coca Butter, Collagen, Vitamin E, Lanolin
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